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Product Name: Outdoor furniture cover Main Products: BBQ cover , Swimming pool cover, Swing chair cover. Function: A.BBQ cover:UV resistant, rainproof, tear resistant and cold crack resistant, durable. Protect from wind, storm, sunshine, rain, etc B. Swimming pool cover: Heat insulation, reduce evaporation, isolate dust and fallen leaves, C. Swing chair cover: Anti falling paint, anti-aging, anti cracking, rain proof, sun shading, good ventilation Outdoor furniture covers are complete in types and complex in structure. They have the functions of cooling, heating, rain and snow prevention. This kind of protective cover is generally an all-weather protective cover, that is, it can protect outdoor homes regardless of wind, rain, snow, high temperature, low temperature and other adverse conditions

Swimming Pool Cover Tips

1、 Reduce energy consumption and keep warm. Many swimming pools are equipped with heating equipment to ensure the water temperature of the pool. But at night, the temperature will drop significantly. If no heat insulation measures are taken, the water temperature will drop rapidly, which will also cause the swimming pool heat pump to consume more energy to maintain the water temperature. If the film is used for covering, the heat loss of the swimming pool can be effectively reduced. According to statistics, the common swimming pool membrane cover can increase the water temperature by at least 8-10 degrees. 2、 Prevent evaporation. As we all know, water evaporates constantly. Swimming pools are no exception. Don't underestimate this matter. Evaporation of the water in the pool is not only a waste of resources, but also causes the indoor environment to become humid. This will make other swimming pool equipment, as well as indoor electronic equipment, walls, etc., may increase the speed and possibility of damage. However, if the swimming pool cover is used, the evaporation of water in the swimming pool will be greatly reduced, which can achieve the purpose of saving and protection. According to statistics, the pool coverage system can be 6 meters × The 12 meter long swimming pool saves about 117000 liters of water every year. 3、 Safety. For the average adult, the safety risk of swimming pool is not big. But for some children or pets, there is still the possibility of drowning. Especially in some family swimming pools in the yard. This kind of accident can be avoided by using the swimming pool cover. In this regard, the pool cover is more efficient than the fence, infrared alarm and other safety measures. It is not expensive, but the effect is good. 4、 Cleanliness: This is the best understood. If there is no pool cover, a lot of dust and debris will fall into the pool every day. The pool cover can play a role of shielding. It greatly reduces the workload of cleaning the pool. 5、 Improve the air environment: in fact, there are many disinfectants and other water treatment chemicals in the pool. While the pool water evaporates, these chemicals will also enter the surrounding air environment. Covering the membrane cover at night can reduce this process, while maintaining the efficiency and durability of the pool disinfectant. It can also reduce the corrosion of water vapor to swimming pools and equipment, and improve the air environment of swimming pools. BaiAo has advanced plastic fabric production machines, advanced sewing production workshops, and excellent sales staff. Welcome all customers to consult, negotiate and visit!

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